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Cloie's  Stories

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My Stories




All About me

My name is Cloie Nicole Madisson Banderob. I don't have a favorite color or animal or food. I don't have that many friends. I am smart. One of my favorite subjects are spelling and art and penmanship.I have a mom and dad. Their names are Heidi and Sean. I have a brother and sister.Their names are Harrison and Violet. My animals names are, Mimi and Charlie. My family is always busy. At school I always do the stuff i need to get done.


My Fairy Tale

My name is Cloie Banderob. My nickname is Pocanhontas.  I like nature and outdoors.   I like to find things when I explore.  One day a ship came ashoreI was hiding in a bush when my raccoon snuck up on one the boy on the ship.  My bird wanted to poke the boy but i whispered to him "don't".  Then I ran off to my canoe and started to paddle away.  Other men from the ship were trying  to cut down trees.  They were trying to find treasure.  My  tribe and the men from the ship wanted to have a war.  But I said "STOP"!  They wouldn't stop, and they accidently shot John; the boy from the ship.  My tribe helped heal John.  The next day John's ship had to leave.  My tribe was saying their goodbye's when John decided he wanted to stay longer.  We showed him our village and all the waterfalls.  He thought the wild berries he tried were good.  When i took him canoeing it was hard for him.  After that I showed him a tree not  just any ordinary tree.  A tree that held memories.   I asked him "do you like it"? he said"yes".  Then we went back to the village and ate dinner.  We all sat by a campfire and started to dance.  It was fun!  The next day i had to work in the cornfields.  While I was working he explored more.  When I was done we went to the rock cliff, he gave me a compass.  We went canoeing using the comppass he gave me.  We headed north.  I showed him all the wild animals and their footprints.  I jumped in the cold water, to look at the fish.  Afterwards we went to say hi to my friend.  She wanted mixed berries to eat, so I picked some.  I also picked some flowers with John.










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