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Hayden's Portfolio

Page history last edited by haydene 10 years, 6 months ago


Hi!  My name is Hayden 


I welcome you to my own portfolio page!  


This is my special place to share with my family and friends many of the things that I have exper ienced in school this year.


 Thank you for stopping  by today.  

I hope you enjoy my collection. 










This is a video of our class play:



The Pirates from Grammar Island.

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Here is the slideshow of our play. 

Can you find me?

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This is my collection of math learning over this school year.


I collaborated and explored with my classmates

on books we enjoyed reading this year.


Watch me read fluently in Readers' Theater!


Would you like to read my poetry I wrote?


Please visit my creative writing blog.


Let me show you what I learned in science.


I'd like to share what I learned in social studies. 


Find out more about my year here.



My classmates recommend these books for reading over the summer.

Thank you for visiting today! 

Leave me a comment below and

let me know what you think of my portfolio.

Thank you!





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